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Teens that are 14 plus 8 months of age are eligible to learn to drive!

T14-8 Driver Training School is State Certified to Provide Classroom and Driving Instruction for Teens & Adults

If you want the right to drive, there is a lot to learn. That's why Michigan requires teens to complete a driver’s training program taught by state certified professionals. State law requires that each driver's training program include 24 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of instruction behind the wheel and 4 hours of driving observation.

Learn how to react to road conditions, traffic conditions and other drivers on the road. By the time you complete your T14-8 driver's training program, you will have learned and practiced the following skills:

  • Basic vehicle control (starting, stopping, gaining speed, slowing, backing, turning right, turning left)
  • Driving through controlled & uncontrolled intersections; Right-of-Way Law
  • Lane changing (mirrors and blind spot/side checking) 
  • Maintaining safe distances around the car
  • Driving in residential, rural & light urban settings; Moderate to heavy traffic
  • Parallel, angle, perpendicular & hill parking
  • Making a U-Turn
  • The modern "Roundabout"
  • Freeway driving