•   Let's Talk Driver Training Prices For Segment 2
    Segment two is the second Class of the Michigan graduate driver’s license program

Segment two driver education is offered after the driver has held a valid Level 1 License for at least three continuous months and has acquired 30 hours of driving experience time including a minimum of two hours of night driving. Segment 2 includes a minimum of six hours of classroom instruction

What to expect from T14-8 Driver Training School for Segment 2

Student Eligibility
1. Student must have held a valid Level 1 license for a minimum of 3 consecutive months.

2. Student must have completed a minimum of 30 hours of driving time with a parent, legal    guardian, or, with the permission of a parent or legal guardian, any licensed driver who is 21 years of age or older. Two of the 30 hours must be night driving. A student must possess a Level 1 license to drive a motor vehicle. Note: Time do not start with your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION/SEGMENT 1 SLIP. Only with your Level 1 driver license from the SOS

To verify enrollment eligibility, a student have to present the Segment 1 certificate of completion If you did not take your segment one class with T14-8 Driver Training School. Inc., A Level 1 driver license, and a driving log or parent certification of the student's driving hours.

Classroom Requirements 
1.) A minimum of 6 hours of instruction. 2.) A maximum of 2 hours of instruction per day. Class size may be exceeded for no more than 1 hour per day when justified by an educational presentation. 3.) CLASS SIZE maximum of 36 students per class. 4.) Home study time is not considered as time earned toward the 6-hour classroom requirement.

Segment two cost packages
Classroom $60.00

Classroom plus one hour drives 60.00 + 35 = $95.00 evaluation parallel parking.

Classroom plus two one hour drives 60.00 +35 +30 = $125.00 evaluation driving freeway.

Classroom plus three one drives 55.00 +30+30+30 = $145.00 road test evaluation.