Foreign to Domestic Drivers Training Program

Learn State of Michigan Driving Requirements:

 Are you ready to acquire a Michigan Drivers License?

 Do you have a group of professionals who need acclimation to US / Michigan rules of the road?

We Provide Defensive and Effective Driving Skills Designed to Last a Lifetime

We provide you with training to make you a safe, knowledgeable and confident driver, thereby enabling you to pass the State of Michigan road test that is required to obtain your Michigan drivers license.

All classroom and driving lessons are taught by experienced State Certified personnel. We Teach Defensive Driving, Road Sign Recognition and the Importance of Traffic Laws.  We offer Driving Lessons seven (7) Days a Week for your convenience.

Road Test Preparation

Pre-Drive 2 Hour class:

  • Road Sign Recognition
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Acclimation to the Specially Equipped Driver’s Training Car

Pre-requisite: Take & pass the Michigan written test and possess your Temporary Learning Permit

Click Here for State of Michigan SOS,1607,7-127-1627---,00.html


One of our Satisfied Customers:
The T14-8 driving instructor was very helpful because he was able to pick up our employee right from the office, take him out for instruction and then bring him back again.

After explaining the urgency behind getting our foreign national employee comfortable with the Michigan Roads and laws so that he could pass the driving test, the instructor changed around his schedule so that he could work with him, pronto. He spent extra time with him and took him out to the area where the actual driving test was going to be given. I think he did a great job in an accelerated amount of time.

Robin Segard
Marketing Coordinator, Ford Sales Group